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Initially, as he adapted to his new way of life, using a prosthetic limb proved more challenging than navigating on one leg using elbow crutches. The prosthetic knee did not respond like his own and would often give way, and moreover, it wasn’t waterproof. Eventually this led to Laurence giving up using a prosthetic knee and deciding to sail solely on one leg. He joined the South West Topper Zone Squad and taught himself how to trapeze. He progressed to sailing boats such as 29ers and RS800s (high performance skiffs) on one leg.


Laurence spent the following three years on crutches, before he was referred to Richard Nieveen of ProActive Prosthetics and was fitted with a microprocessor-controlled knee. Laurence never looked back and walked out of the clinic as a proficient prosthetic user, ready to follow his sailing dream.

In 2007, through Laurence’s resilience and dedication he was honoured with the prestigious Raymarine Young Sailor of the Year award.  However, his prosthetic knee was still not waterproof and so couldn’t be worn near the water.  It wasn’t until 7 years later, when in 2014, Laurence became one of the first non-military amputees to be fitted with the Genium X-3 waterproof microprocessor knee, finally enabling him to sail with his prosthetic limb.

Since then, Laurence has skippered his own yacht across the Mediterranean, and has raced in the high-performance dinghies RS800.  With no clear path for his future or plans, an opportunity arose for him to engage with fellow amputees and develop the skills to skipper and helm a Sonar (4-person keelboat).

Embracing this mentoring partnership has transformed Laurence’s life.  Not only has this encouraged him to set ambitious goals, it has also provided opportunities for him to network within the sailing community and develop new skills and qualifications.


Laurence recently hit another milestone in 2023, when he skippered the ACF (Andrew Cassell Foundation) sonar at the world-renowned Cowes Week, leading two other amputees and their physiotherapist to an incredible 5th place overall, alongside able-bodied sailors.


Laurence continues to create goals and is attempting to be the first amputee to sail a foiling dinghy – moth.  Through his mentor, he has been able to connect with a foiling dinghy specialist for training and skill development and has plans to attain his yacht master qualification, not just for his own personal growth, but to also inspire and create opportunities for other amputees to get on the water and sail.  Laurence’s story is inspiring and only just the beginning.


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