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At Stride Forward we empower those with life-changing injuries through transformative mentoring. 


Our mission is to guide the individuals we collaborate with, back to an active and purposeful life by connecting them with mentors who make a significant impact.





Our mentors use their expertise and personal experience to engage and empower mentees, enabling them to embrace positive, meaningful daily activities that support their physical and mental well-being.

These directions might include:

  • Launching your own business

  • Getting involved in a social enterprise

  • Exploring opportunities in sport

  • Finding gainful employment

The possibilities are boundless.

We support our mentees in developing their passions, establishing goals, and leading active and meaningful lives.



Access to opportunities for new ventures, informal mentoring, and role models is currently limited for only a few individuals facing life-changing injuries.


While high-profile Paralympic athletes and adventurers are prominently featured on social media, they represent only a tiny fraction of those impacted by such injuries. Stride Forward's objective is to ensure that these opportunities are accessible to all.



Our mentors are volunteers and come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and expertise.


They are driven by motivation, compassion, and a strong desire to inspire and provide support to individuals, helping them to rediscover their sense of worth and purpose.

“I need help to regain my confidence to make decisions for myself and be able to find something that gives me back a sense of worth and meaning”.

"I want to go back to work as I miss having a purpose for getting up in the morning.  I need help, but I don't know where to start".

I have an idea for a business, but I need help to start. Where do I find help?”.

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